AudioLock Ambassadors

Artists on this page have lent their support to the anti-piracy cause because they believe in the services we provide. Artists here have seen first-hand the benefits AudioLock protection brings and now want to share these experiences with you. These industry leaders are experts in their genre and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about AudioLock, and how it can protect your music and drive sales.

Anna Wall, Radio Plugger, Club Promoter, DJ, Producer

Anna Wall, Radio Plugger, Club Promoter, DJ, Producer

After stints living in Newcastle, Ibiza and Berlin, Anna is back for good in her hometown London - working alongside leading record labels and helping drive their music to radio and clubs worldwide. Displaying a fiery passion expressed via her thriving PR and plugging company Bricks PR - Anna is known and respected throughout the industry.

Find her wooing crowds at some of Europe's most highly acclaimed clubs and festivals - Watergate Berlin, Space Ibiza, Snowbombing and Secret Garden Party to name a few. Not wanting to be pigeon-holed, Anna supports a world of genres displaying unique knowledge and unstoppable energy in pushing the music she loves. Her talent on the decks saw her become one of the first DJ’s to play the Mixmag Lab at Miami Winter Music Conference 2012.

With plaudits raining in from music media including DJ Mag and Mixmag Anna is firmly acknowledged as one of the most multifaceted up-and-coming DJ’s to emerge from the UK in recent years.

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Ayra Goggin

Arya Goggin, drummer for Skindred

Arya is a founding member of the Welsh rock band Skindred. Formed in 1998 Skindred garnered a reputation as an explosive live act​​ with a relentless touring schedule​, fusing metal, hip hop, reggae, jungle and punk . This​ hard work​ lead to the release of their debut album ‘Babylon’ in 2002 which charted at No.1 in the United States on the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart.

Since then the band has continued to grow, releasing a further 4 albums with the most recent, ‘Volume’ coming out in October 2015. This album was accompanied by a documentary called ‘Rude Boys For Life’ which focused on the band’s life on the road, its ups and downs, celebrations, festival shows and headline appearances, including their Polish Woodstock headline slot at which they played to over 1 million people.

Arya has always been heavily involved in the business side of the band’s activities, helping to steer Skindred’s career from the UK’s underground to working with a variety of independent and major labels. With numerous world tours under their belt and their reputation for high energy live shows still growing Skindred find themselves in the enviable position of being 18 years into their career and still very much on the up.

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Emika, Artist, Producer, DJ, Label Owner

Emika, Artist, Producer, DJ, Label Owner

Producer Emika is an Anglo-Czech talent who was classically trained in her youth, later discovering the limitless world of electronic composition that would provide the yin to her formative yang.

Her relationship with Ninja Tune saw her support the legendary Amon Tobin across North America on his ISAM tour, and she has since taken her mesmeric live show and DJ sets across the world - performing throughout Europe and in Russia and China. She also performed a live set for Boiler Room Berlin in 2012.

Emika has worked on many collaborative projects aside from her resolutely personal solo material - including alongside Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble, Marcel Dettmann, Pinch, Jimmy Edgar, Tommy Four Seven and MyMy. She was responsible for gathering the field recordings of the sounds of Berghain for their Fünf compilation and created a track for the collection herself. She has also recorded with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Czech soprano Michaela Soprano, and has been shot by photographers including Bettina Rheims and Madison.

She launched Emika Records in 2014 in search of freedom and independence, an experience which inspired the imprint's third release: DREI, a full-length album by Emika.

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Afterlife aka Lux

Goldie, Music pioneer, contemporary/graffiti artist, drum & bass icon, DJ, actor & producer

Goldie is a total original, a multi-talented shape shifter, who’s sold more than 3 million records worldwide. In 1994 as Goldie oversaw the birth and growth of his drum & bass label Metalheadz, he found time to craft a debut album, which sold 250,000 copies. This epic creation, containing a 21 minute symphonic track is just as it is named; Timeless.

It was around this time that the far-famed ‘Metalheadz Sunday Sessions’ club night was launched, which achieved legendary status at London’s Blue Note club. The Metalheadz night was a party that will go down in history as one of drum & bass’ most important, it is frequently cited by the genre’s luminaries in spreading the sound worldwide. Goldie is currently mixing the next Ministry of Sound’s ‘Masterpiece’ series, which sees the artist curating a three-disc journey through his own influences and personal favourites.

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Judge Jules, International DJ, Lawyer, Producer & Presenter

Judge Jules, International DJ, Lawyer, Producer & Presenter

Jules first took to the decks in 1987, launching a career that has notched up millions of miles, a legacy of spins of the decks and countless gigs in far-flung destinations, as well as the odd dirty warehouse thrown in for good measure! Jules’ DJ sets are the epitome of what DJing is about - passion and crowd-connection, amazing tunes and a set of hands capable of the most nimble of mixing.

With a list of awards that would make the British Olympic team blush, Jules has earned his place amongst the DJ aristocracy with such accolades as - Best DJ (Muzik Awards), No.1 DJ (Mixmag readers’ poll), Best International DJ (Dancestar Awards), and Best Radio DJ at the Smirnoff Dancestars. Jules also attained the lofty height of no 3 in Dj Mags legendary top 100 Dj’s poll in 2000 and has been a constant presence in the upper levels of the poll ever since.

Judge Jules, or Jules O'Riordan as he’s now known as a lawyer at top music law firm Sheridans knows the issues of piracy from the perspective of producer, label and lawyer making him ideal to help educate the industry.

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Karma Bertelsen

Karma Bertelsen, Marketing & PR, advocate for Women in Music and anti-piracy,
freelance writer, events organiser

Karma has over six years’ experience in the music industry, specialising in international sales, marketing and media. She worked with various artists from Deadmau5 and Calvin Harris to Kelis while she worked for an international business management company. She is currently Marketing Manager for Kilimanjaro Live where she delivers campaigns for bands like the Red Hot Chill Peppers.

Karma received a formal education of the industry when she undertook a degree in Music Business at university. She has experience in the physical and digital retail market, from working in management at multiple HMV stores and promoting HMVdigital. In 2012, Karma joined publisher NewBay Media to work on leading industry title Music Week, whilst also working on its sister titles Audio Media International and MI Pro. For the next three years she worked on the title, its events such as the prestigious Music Week Awards and ran its daily new artist column.

Karma also has experience of working with festivals and has also written for the likes of Pulse Radio, Thrash Hits and DIY Magazine. Alongside championing the music anti-piracy message Karma is also an advocate for Women in Music.

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Afterlife aka Lux

Chillout / Down-Tempo, Afterlife aka Lux

He is the sunset phenomenon, purveyor of romantic and melancholic mood music. As AFTERLIFE and LUX he created both opening tracks on Café del Mar vol.7 and 2 further tracks on Café del Mar vol.8. With previous tracks also on volumes 3, 4 and 6, Steve produces Chillout "classics" as his "Simplicity 2000" album has proven. Steve has been producing for a long while and has worked with K-Klass, Jose Padilla, Chris Coco, Lenny Ibizarre amongst others.

Past commissions include Jakatta's classic "American Dream" and Roger Sanchez's "Another Chance", his chillout mix of this classic being the only remix making it onto the single which went to number 1 in the UK charts. The classic "Speck of Gold" album, more recently "Electrosensitive" on Defected Records, and now The White Island on his own label Subatomic UK. This year also sees him release the debut NO LOGO album on Chris Coco's Melodica Recordings which is a collaboration with ex Café Mambo resident Pete Gooding. Remix duties include to the two biggest summer chillout tracks:- Lana del Rey's "National Anthem" and Milk n Sugar's "Via Con Me" which stayed at number 1 in the Beatport Chillout chart for over 2 months.

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Mark Doyle

House Music, Mark Doyle - Fierce Angel

A highly respected international DJ and producer in his own right, Mark Doyle is Director of Fierce Angel, a music and events brand that releases and promotes music worldwide. Fierce Angel's events division perform at parties all over the world. Mark's position involves every aspect of developing the company from A&R and marketing, to performing at his label's events.

Previously Mark was responsible for the founding of Hed Kandi; which is now an international entertainment brand owned by Ministry Of Sound. Originally it was part of the UK radio station Jazzfm. While working for Jazzfm, Mark devised the idea for a dance brand that would appeal to a slightly older, more sophisticated market. In the early days Mark was responsible for all aspects of development of the brand from A&R and art direction to marketing, presenting the radio show, performing at live events and just about every aspect of the business.

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