24/7 Automated Scanning & Takedown

Speed, reach and accuracy are the watchwords in online, copyright infringing link removal. AudioLock offers all three as standard in the world's most effective automated anti-piracy system.

Our automated system is so clever it works 24 hours a day, seven days a week affording your releases the best protection available against pirates - even whilst you sleep.

Automated and accurate

Our 24/7 Automated Scanning & Takedown system (Patent Pending) swiftly removes infringing links from Google, Bing, file lockers, streaming sites, torrent search engines and pirate sites.

AudioLock's algorithm and identification process carefully discriminates between infringing links and legal links to sites which provide you with revenue and promotion. Moreover, the system is fully scalable so huge catalogues can be easily protected.

Back catalogue

You can now protect the 'long-tail' value in your content with our back catalogue service. This allows you to select a slower scanning rate for such content and benefit from greatly reduced costs.

Driving your sales

By removing infringing links from search engine pages, in tandem to removing the actual infringing download links, search results for legitimate sites like download stores and review sites are pushed up. This helps to drive your sales and increase chart positions because customers are able to easily find your content, instead of being presented with fake copyright infringing download stores and free downloads from pirate sites.

SoundCloud, YouTube and other streaming sites

AudioLock is presently the only anti-piracy system which offers clients the ability to remove copyright infringing links from streaming sites with a single click; providing clients with ever greater reach. This process is made even more accurate and effective by allowing clients to add white list channels such as their legitimate SoundCloud channels.

High Priority Protection, just £5 per track

  • Scans continuously 24/7
  • Scans websites, forums, blogs, file search sites, torrent search sites, social media sites and search engines
  • New feature also scans YouTube and SoundCloud allowing for easy removal of content from these sites
  • Removes files from file lockers (also known as cyber lockers)
  • Removes infringing site links from Google and Bing
  • Removes torrent links from torrent search engines
  • Fast takedowns (within a few minutes) for the majority of file lockers
  • Downloads and fingerprints each file to match it against your content
  • DMCA notices automatically sent
  • Realtime stats showing the state of each link

Back Catalogue Protection, just £1 per track

  • Exactly the same as above except the scanning is much slower, only checking once per fortnight.


High priority 24/7 scanning & takedown for new releases £6 per track per month (£5 offered if you wish to auto renew your account)

Back catalogue scanning & takedown (this is scanned just once every two weeks) £1 per track per month.

Albums & EPs are created by grouping tracks. A minimum of two tracks are required to scan for an album or EP, but you can upload all the tracks in an album if you wish to also remove links to individual tracks (pirates frequently split out tracks from albums and EPs and offer them separately so they make more money).

* At the end of each month's protection any unused scanning & takedown slots will not be carried over to the next month.

Who should use AudioLock?

This can be any person(s) or entity which either directly or indirectly owns the copyright to a given release. These individuals or groups are generally, although not exclusively, one of the following:

  • Record labels
  • Producers
  • DJs
  • Artists
  • Promo companies
  • Legal digital download stores
  • Digital aggregators / distributers

Why use AudioLock anti-piracy services?

By utilising AudioLock anti-piracy services you will help to:

  • Increase sales by removing the opportunity for customers to download your release(s) for free.
  • Mitigate against commercial pirate sites profiteering from your hard work.
  • Increase the control over who has access to your release(s).
  • Protect your label/ brand from being linked with copyright infringing sites and the associated negative publicity this brings.

How does this system work?

Our Patent Pending algorithm utilises meta data from the release you upload with textural information that you include at this stage.

The system then uses this composite of information to scan the internet looking for links which may correspond to the information it has stored. Once it finds a link it believes might be copyright infringing it then downloads the release/ track in its entirety (yes, we have very big servers on fast connections!).

It is then able to check for a match between the downloaded release/ track against what it has stored using our fingerprint database. If a 100% match is made then a DMCA notice is immediately sent to the site from which the copyright infringing link was found. These notices are often actioned by the pirate site/ file locker from one to twenty four hours.

Only links where a 100% match is ever made will be removed. This makes the system very accurate.

How do I upload release(s) / track(s) onto AudioLock?

The process is both quick and simple. From signing up to uploading your first release only takes a few minutes.

How long should I protect my release(s) for?

We suggest that you protect your release for one month initially then, keep protecting it for as long as the income from you sales warrants continued protection. This provides you with an empirical return on investment for the protection you deploy.

What does 'Require Attention' in the AudioLock dashboard mean?

This is where any links the system is unsure of will appear. They may be links which are almost a positive match or links which relate to similar but not exactly the same content as is being searched for.

On a campaign where thousands of links are being automatically removed there will normally only be 5-10 links which require attention, at most.

The system is likely to put other mixes it has found of tracks in the require attention.

What does AudioLock mean by a 'campaign'?

A 'campaign' is defined as a release or track which is currently being protected for a period of one month or more.

Is AudioLock's 24/7 Automated Scanning & Takedown of online copyright infringing links accurate?

Yes, extremely accurate. We use multiple fingerprint databases to ensure a 100% match against the track it is searching for.

Do I have to manually check all the copyright infringing links which the system locates?

No. Unlike many other anti-piracy services, which are heavily reliant upon either the user (you) or their costly staff to do manual checking, AudioLock is primarily automated.

The system runs automatically allowing you to focus on your business, increasing revenue and building brand.

We retain a small staff of highly experienced programmers who focus their time on honing our patent pending algorithm.

Can I see full details about the copyright infringing links which the system removes?

Yes, you have full access to all these details through your personal AudioLock dashboard. You can access this information in real-time night or day, 24/7, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

What anti-piracy information does my AudioLock dashboard provide?

Top-line crucial anti-piracy information, your AudioLock dashboard provides the following:

  • Copyright infringing links found
  • Copyright infringing links removed
  • Links pending removal (where a DMCA notice has been sent by us on your behalf but where we are now waiting for the file locker/ pirate site to remove it)
  • Copyright infringing links removed from search engines
  • On all of the above there is additional information provided on when, where, how many links have been removed.
  • Graph showing the above information over time, enabling you to pin-point piracy spikes (usually such spikes occur at the start of a new campaign or where a release moves from promo to general release)
  • PDF download of the reports

Is AudioLock's analytical reporting transparent?

All of the information provided to you, plus much more besides, is provided live and in real time. The system is completely transparent so you see everything relating to the protection of your release(s)/ track(s). From this information you can inform your decision about the duration of protection for any given release(s) / track(s).

You can see fully disclosed public information about our infringing link reporting activities on the Google Transparency Report.

Is AudioLock complicated to use?

No, it is designed to be used by anyone. Its high level of automation requires relatively little input from the user, so freeing up your time for other more important tasks.

It takes just minutes to learn and no previous technical or anti-piracy experience is required to get the most from the functionality it offers.

Will AudioLock save me time?

Yes. As there is no manual checking (important as many campaigns can easily see over 2,000 infringing links removed in just a few days) you are free to spend your time on things which will generate you income or enhance your brand profile. It does this work allowing you to get on with other tasks that are central to your job and enhance your revenue.

Will AudioLock increase my revenue from the releases I upload?

Yes, it will help drive your sales by removing the availability of copyright infringing links to your releases as well as cleaning up Google and Bing. This in turn will elevate your reviews, legitimate download site links up the search results.

Is there a direct correlation between deploying AudioLock and a rise in sales?

Yes, although each and every release is unique so it is difficult to quantify exactly. We have had numerous clients tell us that they have seen a significant uplift in sales and chart positions from using AudioLock.

How will this help me increase the worth of my music?

By protecting your music, and promoting your music to your fan base you create 'Social Digital Rights Management'. Here users will not give copies to their friends, instead they will tell them the name of the artist and track allowing them to locate and buy the music. This will increase the worth of the music.

If you are a label you can advocate all digital download sites selling your music to use AudioLock to protect your downloads which will in turn raise awareness and significantly retard the pirates efforts. AudioLock provides clients with unrivalled Social Digital Rights Management support.

Are there any downsides to using AudioLock?

No, not if you believe that removing the illegal download links including those from Google and Bing quickly will not result in you making £5 extra in sales.

At just £5 per track, per month this small outlay can easily be justified in protecting material which has had often had hundreds of hours invested in making, marketing and distributing it.

Does AudioLock remove copyright infringing links from Google and Bing?

Yes, from the moment your release is uploaded onto AudioLock the system lists any infringing links it finds on these sites. You can then make an informed decision about whether or not to keep them or take them down.

We work closely with Google and Bing to remove copyright infringing links from the pages of both search engines.

Our automated patent pending system sends copyright infringing links to Google in real-time, as it finds them, so they are removed in the quickest time possible. This is unlike many anti-piracy companies which only send removal requests to Google on a daily or weekly basis. The longer the removal request takes to send to Google, the longer links to download your release are available online.

In reality we often see links being removed after just two hours of the request being sent to Google.

How will I know Google / Bing has removed infringing links to my release?

Your AudioLock dashboard provides full details of when, where and how many links we have removed from Google / Bing on your behalf.

Currently it doesn't show the real time status it only lists those we have sent rather than those actually removed.

For example, if we send a link that has already been removed they won't action it again or if they find it not to be infringing they won't action it either. Although our system uses several techniques to try to ensure that they are all legitimate and should be removed there is no feedback provided by Google / Bing to state whether the links were taken down or not.

When searching for your release on Google you will notice that where copyright infringing links once existed the following statement resides:

In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 2 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaint that caused the removal(s) at 'X' Pirate Site/ 'X' file Locker'.

This notice contains links allowing you to view the specific removal request. Please note that Bing does not offer this kind of transparency so there is simply a message on search results saying that some have been removed.

What is the Google Transparency Report?

The report is Google's online resource which details 'reporting organisations' which send the company copyright infringing links to be removed from the search giants pages.

Where does AudioLock rank in the Google Transparency Report?

AudioLock consistently ranks in the top 15 reporting organisations in the world, out of some 12,000+ such companies and content owners. We work closely with Google on your behalf to remove copyright infringing links from the search engine's pages as efficiently as possible.

The Google Transparency Report - comparing AudioLock with other anti-piracy companies

The Google Transparency report offers a search allowing you to easily look up any other antipiracy companies under the 'content reporters'.

Feel free to contact our competition and ask if they can match all of what we offer:

  • Free trial, with full system functionality and live analytics sent to your personal dashboard, which protects two of your tracks or a release for a period of one month.
  • Full real time transparency clearly showing you when, where, which and how many copyright infringing links to your releases our automated system has removed on your behalf.
  • 24/7 Automated Scanning & Takedown of copyright infringing links to your releases for just £5 per release, per month.
  • Highly robust audio watermarking which cannot be decoded, detected or erased (supported by our 24/7 Automated Scanning & Takedown algorithm)
  • Unlimited scanning & takedown, from lockers, torrent search engines Google and Bing, of copyright infringing links to your release(s).
  • No hidden extra charges like some alternative suppliers.

How long does it take to remove content from YouTube?

We rely on YouTube to respond to the removal requests we send them. We do see that over weekends some sites including Google and YouTube take longer to respond to these requests, which we believe is simply down to their reduced staff levels.

Association For Electronic Music

Mark Lawrence - Chief Executive
Association For Electronic Music

“It is vital that we deliver tangible benefits to our membership. By partnering with AudioLock we immediately help our members businesses, and their artists livelihoods, by tackling piracy head on and improving the flow of sales revenue and royalties within our ecosystem. I am looking forward to building a long lasting and innovative relationship with AudioLock, for the good of all involved in Electronic Music.”

Colour Series

Jem Haynes - Label Manager
Colour Series

“AudioLock is the perfect solution to keep unwanted piracy under control. Even for small Labels the prices are really fair and the service works great. The online tool makes it also really easy to keep everything under control and get the information you need about your music to the world wide web.”


Dave Driessen - Platform Director

“AudioLock is far and away the most popular anti-piracy service used by partners on our platform today. The AudioLock team's approach is refreshing, intelligent, and intuitive. Great people to work with.”

Global Underground

Andrew Archer - Label Manager
Global Underground

“AudioLock is a powerful system to help combat digital piracy, this is an essential tool for independent labels and musicians. It is very simple to use and the results are instant.”

Hard with Style Records

Bastiaan Braeken - Label Manager
Hard with Style Records

“Simply a great system!”

MadTech Records

James Threlfall - A&R / Digital Manager
MadTech Records

“AudioLock is a great anti-piracy service that is quick, concise, manageable and cheap. Also worth commenting on, the team behind the service that are always easy get hold of and resolve issues quickly. Best anti piracy service on the market, hands down.”

Nuclear Blast

Patrick Walch - Head of Digital
Nuclear Blast

“For us it is important to have a dedicated service on which we can rely 100% and which saves us time. The integration of the data feed with our digital distributor into Audiolock means new releases are very easy to set up in the system with AudioLock then automatically removing infringing links within a matter of minutes or hours. For me it cannot get any better than that! This, plus the incredibly reliable and quick support we are getting from the fine people at AudioLock, is why I would recommend this service to my best friends in the biz.”


Dani Zinni - Label Assistant

“AudioLock are fantastic! They are super effective and very efficient. They have become an important service for us and give us great peace of mind that our releases are fully protected. We highly recommend them!”

Shogun Audio

Max Necus - Label Assistant
Shogun Audio

“AudioLock is a great system to use that has been implemented into our everyday working, providing a straightforward method to use with ease. As an independent record label without a dedicated anti-piracy team, it's simply the most time-conscious program that goes above and beyond to ensure your content isn't compromised.”

Sub Field

Geoffroy Mugwump - Label Owner
Sub Field

“Really enjoying working with Audiolock. Speedy service, user-friendly and mega-efficient to remove download links. An essential service!”

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