Secure Watermarked Promo Delivery

Inaudible, robust watermarking technology comprehensively protects your promo campaigns from leaks independent of what format your music is in.

Our watermarking service ensures your promo material is protected from the moment it leaves the studio. Our watermarks are highly robust and virtually indestructible ensuring your pre-releases sent to tastemakers, press and influencers are secure.

Watermarking is the best deterrent to dissuade industry from leaking. It also makes all recipients of your material 100% accountable. If they leak your release you'll soon know about it with our automated notifications.

The low-down on AudioLock Watermarks:

AudioLock watermarks are completely inaudible, and extremely robust so ensuring high quality whilst at the same time ensuring recipients of your pre-release material are fully accountable in their management of the exclusive promos you send them.

Watermarking is essential if you are to ensure your pre-releases are protected and your subsequent general release campaigns are not undermined by leaks.

The AudioLock watermark is actually within the sound but is inaudible. Because it is within the sound it will survive multiple conversions between different formats and bitrates making it extremely robust.

When delivering music through the AudioLock system you can decide what formats a user can download or even if they can only stream (even the streaming is watermarked!) the user can then chose to download from the range of formats you have specified either individual tracks or as a zip if there are multiple tracks being sent at a time.


  • Analogue based watermark solution
  • Extremely robust - survives re encoding to any other format
  • Delivery through global fast global secure delivery network (CDN)
  • Deliver in multiple formats including WAV, MP3 128Kbps, MP3 320kbps and MP4
  • Customisable download page *
  • HTML 5 player allowing watermarked streaming on mobile devices
  • Securely locked to the recipient ensuring links cannot be shared
  • Realtime stats showing how the recipient interacted including streaming and download

* This is an additional service.

Watermarked Promo Delivery Credits

Purchased as required; each credit protects an individual track with a unique watermark which enables it to be sent to a single recipient. If that recipient leaked their watermarked release onto the internet it can be traced back to them, so ensuring accountability.

Watermark credits do not expire and can be used at any time.

Credits Package Price Unit Price
100 £20.00 20p
500 £75.00 15p
1,000 £100.00 10p
5,000 £425.00 8.5p
10,000 £700.00 7p
50,000 £2,500.00 5p
100,000 £3,000.00 3p
500,000 £5,000.00 1p

Not sure how many credits you will need? Try our Pricing Calculator.

Who should use AudioLock?

This can be any person(s) or entity which either directly or indirectly owns the copyright to a given release. These individuals or groups are generally, although not exclusively, one of the following:

  • Record labels
  • Producers
  • DJs
  • Artists
  • Promo companies
  • Legal digital download stores
  • Digital aggregators / distributers

Why use AudioLock anti-piracy services?

By utilising AudioLock anti-piracy services you will help to:

  • Increase sales by removing the opportunity for customers to download your release(s) for free.
  • Mitigate against commercial pirate sites profiteering from your hard work.
  • Increase the control over who has access to your release(s).
  • Protect your label/ brand from being linked with copyright infringing sites and the associated negative publicity this brings.

What is watermarking?

Digital watermarking of promotional releases ensures that recipients are accountable, both deterring leaks and making them traceable.

How does it work?

It is a process whereby a user uploads a release in either AIFF / WAV format onto AudioLock for re-encoding to become an individually watermarked audio file. Once watermarked the file is then output as unique, individually marked MP3.

What if someone downloads and converts the file format - am I still protected?

The tagging is extremely robust and can withstand the file being converted many, many times even to very low bitrates. The music will be too degraded for the user to enjoy before the watermark is destroyed.

Will the watermark tag affect the sound for the user?

The tagging solution, whilst robust, is completely inaudible (unlike other music tagging and watermarking tools) and cannot even be found with audio analysis software.

In some extreme cases where the original file has been very heavily over mastered a slight reduction in the overall perceived volume of the music might be perceptible.

Do users have to have a specific codec or player to listen to the files?

There is no special player or codec. The users can simply use and play the files in the same way as they have before with any audio files of these formats.

Can the tag be removed?

The tag cannot be found, decoded or removed by the user of your music.

Does the watermark carry any personal information?

The watermark is an encrypted unique id which relates only to a database which the record label or content owner has access to. There is no information such as name, email, address or anything identifying the recipient of the watermarked copy actually within the watermark itself.

Is the system a 100% accurate in identifying the person responsible for leaking it online?

Yes, every copy of every track is uniquely tagged so whoever the tracks was sent to can be identified as the responsible party whether they uploaded the copy to a sharing site or they let someone else get the link they were sent who shared the copy.

If I get sent a copy of a file can I test to see if it has been tagged?

Yes, within your account there is a tool allowing you to analyse the file which will report if it finds a tag, who the file was originally delivered to, when and where they were when they downloaded it.


Wez Saunders - Promotions Manager

“AudioLock provides us with a complete and comprehensive anti-piracy and promotions system which is nothing short of excellent in terms of functionality and value for money. We are very pleased to be part of this working-relationship, and have to thank the guys behind the scenes for their efforts and constant availability. Second to none, thanks!”

Enemy Digital

Essiuah - Label manager
Enemy Digital

“AudioLock's system does an amazing job finding all our music on illigel sites and removing the links. We are very happy with their service and loving the benefits it brings to Enemy Digital”

Global Underground

Andrew Archer - Label Manager
Global Underground

“AudioLock is a powerful system to help combat digital piracy, this is an essential tool for independent labels and musicians. It is very simple to use and the results are instant.”

Intune Addicts

Mark Smith - Senior Partner & Founder
Intune Addicts

“In our various roles as artist, label and campaign management we have found AudioLock's anti-piracy service is unbeatable. It has ensured the best level of exposure for our releases and we credit it with playing an important part in taking one of our artists from unknown to singing a major label deal in just 6 months. ”

Jolly Roger (Sound of Pirates)

Nicola Fasano - Owner CEO
Jolly Roger (Sound of Pirates)

“AudioLock is the most fastest system to remove illegal files on the web, social media, youtube, soundcloud and search engines. I love the way it works. AudioLock is not just limited to delete illegal files on pirates sites, but also importantly removes the dns search line from Google. This make the service much faster than others and this thing is ESSENTIAL to achieve good rank results on digital stores! 5 times TOP 10 in Beatport this year with AudioLock playing a big part. I can't work without this service.”

Sirup Music Group

Maurizio Colella - Partner
Sirup Music Group

“AudioLock is one of these tools that makes help protecting our artists rights easy and effective.”


Tim Jeffery - Director

“We have been very impressed with the AudioLock system - on a recent Fatboy Slim release over 2000 illegal download links were removed in a week and it definitely made an impact on our sales, helping it to a Beatport top ten position.”


Lee Haslam - Label Manager

“Promoting new music is hard enough without people stealing it which just reduces what you can spend on marketing. Now with AudioLock we don't have to search for people who have put up illegal copies as the system does it automatically for us!”

Southside House Collective & Southside Recordings

iTod, Junior & J.J. - Label Managers
Southside House Collective & Southside Recordings

“All advertising is good advertising right? NO! We said yes before we started using AudioLock and the same goes for us as artists. Clean search engine results focused on what you both as an artist & label want others to find; fan page, DSP links & magazine articles etc. Sales also started to get a boost right away, even tracks that had been in the cold. If all used AudioLock we wouldn't need AudioLock! So happy that we started using this service and so are our artists when they do there fair share of ego Googling :)”

Toolroom Records

Chris Barleycorn - Digital & PR Manager
Toolroom Records

“Toolroom Records employ AudioLock because it is the most comprehensive and effective anti-piracy service we have ever used. They provide outstanding results and ensure our artists and releases are afforded the highest level of protection available; all for an exceptionally reasonable price.”

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